Solidfloor™ Forever Yours

Solidfloor™ designs and manufactures high-quality wooden floors that provide a warm, intimate atmosphere in all living spaces in your home, but also in hotels, shops and offices. Wood is a beautiful natural material.

Solidfloor™ represents quality, innovation and design. With innovative finishing techniques we create a wide range of amazing floors, each with different characteristics. Sleek, modern, classic or aged; Solidfloor’s extensive and current range offers interior solutions for every taste, style and wish

Since 1919

Solidfloor™ is a brand of the Fetim Group, which was founded in 1919 as the Haarlemse Fijnhouthandel. Since then, the company has built a great expertise and reputation in the flooring industry. The people who create our top-quality floors are dedicated and experienced Solidfloor has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of wooden floors and is available in over 30 countries.



  • Sustainable quality

    Solidfloor provides interior solutions for every taste, style and wish. Creating sustainable floors for pleasant living, our products are not only beautiful, but also safe and functional and take the world in which we live into consideration. We strive for the right balance between people, environment and the company.

    Sustainable quality

Our floors inspire

Great designers

  • Design
    by Piet Boon

    The concept of Piet Boon® Flooring by Solidfloor™ has been developed according to Piet Boon’s vision for contemporary interiors. The collection is functional, timeless and durable.