A selection of our floors has been coloured with a reactive stain (see detail information per floor). This method of colouring creates a deep and warm character of these floors, caused by the natural reaction between the applied stain and tannin – a natural substance in oak. The concentration of tannin differs from panel to panel, which makes every single plank unique. It may happen that a new floor has not yet reached it’s final colour during installation, as the reaction between the stain and tannin takes some time. This is normal and has nothing to do with the quality of the floor. The floor will reach it’s designated colour in the foreseeable future without any problems.

Article number 1204386

Technical details

  • Solidfloor collection
  • Montgomery
  • 1204386
  • 15/4mm 2200 x 260 mm
  • Gradation: Extra Rustical
    Extra Rustical
  • Finish: Brushing
  • Finish: Hand scraping
    Hand scraping
  • Finish: Scrubbed knots
    Scrubbed knots
  • Finish: Reactive stain
    Reactive stain
  • Connection: Tongue & Groove
    Tongue & Groove
  • Floor heating: Suitable for floorheating
    Suitable for floorheating
  • Floor heating: Suitable for floorcooling
    Suitable for floorcooling
  • Thickness: 15/4
  • Colouring: Coloured
  • Fireclass: Dfl-s1
  • Lak: Natural lacquered
    Natural lacquered
  • Colour: Grey tones
    Grey tones

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