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At Solidfloor we have a matching Solidfloor floor for every living style. With the addition of Vinyl and Laminate in the Solidfloor range, the foundation has been laid for a all-encompassing flooring collection. Vinyl, laminate and wood all have different product characteristics and are also different in use and maintenance. Curious to know which floor will be your match? Discover all possibilities here at Solidfloor.

Laminate, vinyl or wood?

Do you want to know which type of floor suits you? Several price-quality levels can be found in each of these floor categories. But what are the differences between these three types of floors? Vinyl and wooden floors generally provide a more pleasant contact sound than laminate floors. On the other hand, laminate is often cheaper and somewhat easier to maintain. Vinyl floors also have the great advantage that they feel warmer to the touch. That is nice for when you just get out of bed. The decors of both laminate and vinyl are printed so a repeat can be found within the planks every x number of planks. This will be less apparent in smaller rooms than in larger rooms. If you go for a vinyl or laminate floor with a less pronounced drawing, this will also be less noticeable. However, this will never happen with wooden floors. So if you want to go for a floor where every plank is unique, wood is the best choice.

Maintenance and warranty

All Solidfloor floors are made to stay beautiful for a long time. We believe in this. This is why all Solidfloor laminate floors have at least 10 years guarantee, all vinyl floors have at least 15 years guarantee, and all wooden floors no less than 25 years guarantee. In addition, Solidfloor has tailored all cleaning and maintenance products to its collection, so you can be sure that you are in the right place when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. Would you like to know more about the warranty conditions and maintenance of Solidfloor floors? Then click on the button below.


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